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  • Black Bear Stout

    Adam and I were leaning on Pup’s gate putting the world to rights when a black bear strolled across our path. He glanced at us and then carried on his way.
    In honour of his generous nature (by not eating us) we have named our stout after him.
    Black Bear is a stout or can be known as a porter. It is a dark ale that has hints of coffee and chocolate.
    ABV 5.2%

  • Cordova Gold Pale Ale

    Description Here

  • Crowe River

    Crowe River flows out of Belmont Lake after many streams and rivers flow in, keep the water fresh and clean. Boating down it can be treacherous unless you know how to read the buoys and keep away from the rocks!
    Crowe River is a pale ale with a fruity, sweetish, dry hop finish.
    ABV 4.5%

  • One Tree Island

    One Tree Island is Andy, Ronnie and Warren’s favourite fishing spot on Belmont Lake. Many bass and pike have been caught in the waters off shore. I think it’s supposed to be a secret, so don’t tell anyone!
    One Tree Island is a medium-bodied session best bitter – a mixture of malt and hops in the aroma with a bitter aftertaste.
    ABV 4.2%